Tantra Rumble

Video made as intro for the online game "Tantra Rumble", available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Client: Gameolic.
Agency: El Cuartel.

Script, storyboard: Gameolic.
Illustration: Ricardo Padierne.
Animation: Hilario Abad & Ana Aranda.


Promotional trailer for the board game "Bedouin", from the publisher Meridiano 6.

The game, steampunk aesthetics, invites you to put yourself in the the skin of a Bedouin leader, explore the desert and compete with opponents for the greatest number of resources.

Client: Meridiano 6.

Illustration: Jorge Carrero.
Composition & animation: Ana Aranda.
Sound: Pepe Belmonte.

EXPO - Architecture Memory Game

Promotional video for the launch of "EXPO · Juego de Memoria de Arquitectura", the third Kickstarter campaign of architecture kids against the grain, in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of EXPO 92. Take home the most iconic pavilions of the EXPO of Seville!

Client: Arquitectura a contrapelo.

Script: Arquitectura a contrapelo & Ana Aranda.
Illustration: Arquitectura a contrapelo.
Composition & animation: Ana Aranda.
Sound: Ana Aranda.

story baabel_OK.png

(Welcome to the neighbourhood!)

Video made to promote the new board game of the Meridiano 6 publishing house.
Baa´beel is a game for 2 or 4 people, where players must build a city, in a fantasy world, while trying to control their neighborhoods and constructions strategically changing the inhabitants of their same color.

Client: Meridiano 6.

Script: Meridiano 6 y Ana Aranda.
Illustration: Paco Dana.
Composition & animation: Ana Aranda.
Sound: Pepe Belmonte.

* From the illustrations of the game cards, I composed and assembled the village scene of Baa'beel, matching the perspectives of the illustrations and creating the sense of depth through the movement of the camera.