Video made to promote the concerts of August and September 2015, belonging to the “Nocturama” music cycle, at the Andalusian Center for Contemporary Art in Seville.

Client: La SUITE.

Ilustration: M. Fernández.
Animation: Ana Aranda Rico.
Original idea, script & storyboard: Ana & Marina.

The shape of things

Video created to promote the Isabella Conticello´s exhibition at Museum Milano: The shape of things.

Client: Museum Milano

Original idea & Ilustration: Ana Aranda.
Animation: Ana Aranda.

*This video is an exercise from the course “Advanced Motion methods”, School of Motion.

Molsa, ballet at the Lliure, Barcelona

Molsa is a ballet show, part of the novel by David Cirici. It is a function that speaks of the misery and despair of war, but it is also a song of love, fraternity and solidarity.

The animations are projected throughout the show, which condenses dance, puppets and audiovisual.

Client: Thomas Noone Dance.

Illustration: M. Fernández.
Animation: Ana Aranda Rico.

Mapping Sevilla, Christmas 2016

Mapping projected on the facade of the Palacio de San Telmo, during the Christmas period of 2016.

Client: Town Hall of Seville, ICAS.

Coordination: Pablo Márquez & Alejandro Rojas.

Ilustration & 3D modelling: Pedro Alpera, Edite Polnevska, Nicole Donaldson & Ignacio González.

Animation: Ana Aranda, Fernando pablo Romero (Sevi), Cristina Franco, Paco Sánchez, Ian Simms & Mercedes Rodríguez.
Music: Manuel Díaz. 

Kósmikum. EXPO Astana 2017.

"Kósmikum. The energy of the Union" is the video made by ACCIONA for the contest of the Expo 2107 in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Client: ACCIONA.

Agency: Amodal.

Animation & Motion graphics: Elisabeth Breil & Ana Aranda.

Coordination, editing & music: Amodal.

Encounter between two Worlds

Animation short made by the deputation of Huelva on the occasion of the 525th Anniversary of the Encounter Between Two Worlds.

Client: Diputación provincial de Huelva.

Agency: Clikaudiovisual.

Ilustration: Emilio El Gato.

Animation: Ysabel Castro & Ana Aranda.

Coordination, editing & music: Clikaudiovisual.