Science Addicts Unite

This video is one of the projects from Sander Van Dijk's "Advanced Motion Methods" class on School of Motion.

Design: Laura Alejo.
Animation: Ana Aranda.
Voice over: Joey Korenman.


Promotional video to advertise the company, which is dedicated to implementing artificial intelligence technology to those companies that require it.

Client: Emergya.

Ilustration: Jose Luis Moreno Rangel.
Animation: Ana Aranda.


Ybarra. The sauce of the Carnival.
Piece made for its screening at the Carnival of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

Client: Ybarra.
Agency: 360º Marketing & Comunicación.

Ilustration: Antonio J. López.
Animation: Ana Aranda.

Estadio deportivo

Video made for the newspaper "Estadio deportivo", from a wedge of previous radio. It has been broadcast in several football matches, while it is being broadcast on social networks.  

Client: Estadio deportivo.
Illustration: M. Fernández.
Animation: Ana Aranda.

Feminista ilustrada

Feminista ilustrada has found an infallible weapon to fight against machismo: social networks.
Promotional video for the dissemination of the website, whose objective is to make the message of equality reach the people least close to feminism, so that, little by little, we will be able to live in a more just world.

Ilustration: Feminista ilustrada.

Animation: Ana Aranda.


Promotional video to advertise the new website, dedicated to scrapbooking and craft.
Client: Kimidori.